Nike Mercurial Lite Shin Guards Review

We have reviewed the Nike Mercurial Lite shin guards. Below you can read our detailed findings.

Model and manufacturer

These shin guards are manufactured by Nike. This specific shin guard has been around for a very long time. Nike has improved the product a few times over.

Nike Mercurial Lite shin guards old collection
Nike Mercurial Lite shin guards old collection

The current version on the market is the third iteration of Mercurial Lite shin guards. You may think that three version is little. But truth be told, there was very little to improve on this already solid product. So Nike only made a few small improvement.

Nike Mercurial Lite shin guards new collection
Nike Mercurial Lite shin guards new collection

In the latest version the most significant improvement is in the foam backing. It used to be a rigid solid foam. Now the foam has cut-outs that are a little more soft than last time.

Nike Mercurial Lite shin guards back view
Nike Mercurial Lite shin guards back view

Fit and shape

These shin guards are very well known for their very good fit. They are anatomically shaped and will fit most people really well.Nike Mercurial Lite shin guards front view

The thickness is considered to be normal. If thickness is something important for you, you should probably look to more high end shin guards. Because in its price range, there is no thinner shin guard on the market.

I personally used these shin guards and past iteration for a period of 6 years. The past year I prefer thinner shin guards than this because the bulk got in my way more than once.


Weight: 2.3 ounces (size large adult) or 65 grams

This is considered to be a light weight shin guard.


The outer shell is not rock solid, but offers a decent amount of protection that will be sufficient for most players out there.

The guards meet the NOCSAE standard for NFHS/NCAA. Which is the minimum you should be looking for in a shin guard.

That being said, if full protection is something that is important to you. There is no ankle protection, and depending on how you wear them, a portion of the lower or upper shin will still be unprotected.


The one piece plastic design makes this shin guard very durable. They will last several seasons. Given that the price is low, you get amazing value out of them.


The only real downside with this product is the sleeve. The sleeves are made of a thin mesh fabric that have minimal stretch and are held together by two elasticated bands. The mesh breaks easily, does not fit everyone and will lose its tight fit quickly.

Nike Mercurial Lite shin guards sleeve

The purpose of a sleeve is to keep your shin guards in place, and these are just not doing that.

Considering  the guards are of great quality, the sleeves are up for improvement.  That being said, they are included for free. The product you are buying is not the sleeves.

There are two solutions to this problem:

  1. Buy a different sleeve: The best one currently on the market is the Storelli leg sleeve.
  2. Use sock tape on your socks to help keep the guards in place.

Player positions

Offensive players and midfielders will love this guard because it is lightweight, does not restrict them and is bargain at its price. If you are a fast paced defensive player, this guard will probably also be to your liking. But if you require more protection, you should continue looking.

Shin Guards Reviews Verdict

This is the most popular shin guard currently on the market. It is so popular because it provides the minimal required protection, is very light and costs so little. The game over time has become increasingly fast paced. Players want to be as fast as possible and this guard gives them a light shin guard that fits great at a low price.


Overall score

A little bulky. If the thickness does not bother you, you should look no further.


I have listed the best deals for this shin guard below. So you can get them at the lowest price available.

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