Sock tape – All you need to know


Most shin guards use to have ankle protection. But the last few years shin guards without ankle protection have become much more popular. And so the problem of keeping your shin guards in place came to being. Sock tape is the most used solution for this problem. But maybe it is not the best solution? We discuss all solutions.

Old shin guards
With ankle protection
Shin guards without ankle protection
No ankle protection





Solutions for keeping your shin guards in place:

Sock tape

Sock tape is the cheapest solution for people who want to use tape to keep their shin guards in place. Or so they think. The tape is a plastic (pvc) tape that resembles electrical tape.

Shin guards held up by sock tape

The price ranges from $2.50 to $10.00 per roll.

The difference is price lies in the adhesive. More expensive tape will not leave any marks on your socks while cheap tape can tear your sock in a few uses. It is up to you to decide if the more expensive tape is worth the money.

If you are looking for a nice bargain you will be interested in the Select Sock Tape – Pack Of 10. And if you want a good quality tape your best option is Premier Sock Tape Pro ES.

Sock tape cost

Lets do the math. You will probably need about 6 rolls per year. Lets say you find a some nice tape at $5. Then you will spend 30$ each year on sock tape.

Shin guard sleeve

The problem with tape is that you will always need more. And most likely when you really need the tape, you will see you have run out. The best alternative to tape is to use a good shin guard sleeve.

You can justify buying a good shin guard sleeve because at one time total money you spent on tape will be greater than that of a good shin guard sleeve.

Shin guard sleeve cost

You will find shin guard sleeves range from $10 to $40. Keeping in mind that tape will set you back $30 each year and a good sleeve can last several seasons. A sleeve seems to be the best option.

Shin guard strap/stay

If you do not like to keep on spending money on tape you might be interested in a more permanent solution to keeping you shin guards in place. A good alternative to tape is a shin guard strap. Sometimes also called a shin guard stay. These straps will last longer than tape, but can’t be tied as tight. This is a very good alternative to tape.

Shin guard strap cost

Shin guard straps can cost anywhere from $10 to $20. You can find a good deal here.

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